Gift of Life was established in 2011 as a UK sister charity of Russia's leading childhood cancer charity Podari Zhizn ("Подари жизнь").

Gift of Life and Podari Zhizn offer hope and care to children and young adults from Russia and the CIS, whose families cannot afford treatment for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Russian state covers treatment for cancer and other potentially fatal diseases only partially. A large part of the cost – as much as 66% – must be shouldered by families who often struggle and live below the poverty line as treating cancer is devastating financially.

Over the past few years, the charity has become a major force campaigning for better medical facilities and better access to medicines and treatment for everyone.

Our sister charity 

Gift of Life UK works together with Podari Zhizn to maximise support and care for children and their families, who might otherwise have no hope for successful treatment.

Gift of Life is mainly helping by purchasing vital medications currently unavailable in Russia, funding treatments abroad and facilitating teaching and operating visits of foreign cancer specialists to Russia.