The main reason for founding the charity is care and courage of oncohematologists, firstly Galina Novichkova, Alexei Maschanov, and Mikhail Maschanov. These doctors were not afraid to seek help of volunteers and say openly to media outlets that Russian hospitals lacked medical supplies, modern equipment and bone marrow donors for children. Their appeals made it clear what hospitals needed – it turned out the assistance required was quite expensive. And volunteers started to collect necessary funds and involve artists, journalists, and business circles.

Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun at the Gift of Life Gala 2016

Dina and Chulpan

Famous actresses Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova were very engaged in helping children and joined the effort. It has become obvious that such comprehensive work required comprehensive approach, including bank accounts, financial reports, and a professional team. Podari Zhizn foundation was registered in late 2006, and Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova have been its co-founders.

Please visit Podari Zhizn website for more information about the charity and its work.


Podari.Life Inc. is a U.S.-based charity opened in 2015 by a group of enthusiasts who have volunteered at Podari Zhizn prior to moving to the United States.

The charity believes that while the U.S. and Russian governments may be having a standoff, people of these two great countries do not. Openness, generosity, mutual support, and friendship are part of the cure for a disease that knows no borders – cancer.

Their mission 

The charity’s mission is to advance public education on childhood cancer and to increase awareness among medical professionals in Russia. Same as its sister charities, Podari.Life is convinced that a child’s life should not depend on money. Check Podari.Life webpage for more details.