Over 23.1 million people in the UK are involved in volunteering at least once a year.

The fact that so many people are eager to share their time and help is what drives us as a charity. It is overwhelming and so rewarding to see little patients survive cancer and leave hospitals. We encourage you to join us, meet like-minded people and create a lasting change for children.

With a team of 30 volunteers, we try to use volunteers' help as much as possible. It keeps our administrative costs at bay and, most importantly, spreads the word about Gift of Life work and achievements.

Interested in joining us? Email [email protected] 

From those who made a meaningful change in a child’s life

Nadia, 36, social activist:

“For me volunteering is an attempt to answer the question “What to do with all this love?”. First of all, it is pure joy! It is a chance to share my time, strength, warmth, and care. The ability to change someone’s life for the better. This is what I do for others and for myself as well. It is a chance to show the best of myself and see it in others too.”

Mary, 32, marketing specialist

“Volunteering with Gift of Life shifted my priorities. Seeing kids and their families fighting for life makes a lot of uncertainties and minor obstacles in my life to fade away. I adopted a more positive approach to life, focusing on people I care about and things I like doing most. I honestly believe that volunteering made me happier.”