Oksana Sobolevskaya: My life is a dream that’s already started to come true

“I’m alive, in good health and ever so grateful.” Oksana Sobolevskaya and her brother Anton are recalling their experience of bone marrow transplant treatment in our Family Blood project. Read more

Kseniya Kostyuk: A mother’s love knows no limits

At the end of a hard day packed with cancer treatments and medical procedures mothers of the children in our care feel exhausted. But you know that a mother’s love knows no limits. And our mothers carry on smiling through the tears and keep doing all they can to save the most precious what they have - their children. Read more

Galya Bolshova: The most important thing is to keep fighting until the end

Galya Bolshova has had to face leukaemia twice. But she didn’t give up, and emerged victorious from the battle. Today, Galya has graduated from university and works as a manager. Read more

Nastya Zerova: My illness was like a dream. And then the dream faded away

The story of Nastya Zerova, a girl from the little town of Gubakh in Perm Krai, can be called nothing but amazing. All manner of remarkable things happened to Nastya and her mother Vera thanks to the acute myeloblastic leukaemia Nastya was diagnosed with in 2008. Read more

Zhenya Vaneeva: I don’t divide my life into ‘before’ and ‘after’

Zhenya Vaneeva is 25. As a 15-year-old, she was hospitalised with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Now, 10 years later, Zhenya recalls the past and shares her thoughts about the future. Read more

The Kartishov sisters: Two people, one life, one victory

The twins Liza and Katya Kartishov became even closer when Katya fell ill with aplastic anaemia. Luckily, Katya’s salvation came in the form of a bone marrow transplant, with her sister Liza as the donor. And today, they tell about surviving cancer. Read more

Anya Sorokina: Blood sister

Anya Sorokina was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, one of the worst bone marrow diseases, when she was the only child in her family. Now she is a healthy young lady and a happy sister to four siblings. Once, Anya's parents Olga and Alexei only dreamt of having a single child, but Anya's disease changed everything. Read more

Nastya Ivanova: Give them a great big thank you

At 9 years old, Nastya knows that some illnesses can kill. She’s already spent half a year being treated for nephroblastoma. We came to see Nastya in hospital and found out that on top of the treatment she’s been finding time for art and studying. Read more

Kristina Tarasova: They won’t cure this disease in Kursk. Look to Moscow and Maschan to save you

The sisters Kristina and Anna Tarasova (though they now go by their married names) live in Kursk, and have a remarkable story to tell us about how Kristina was saved from aplastic anaemia. There’s only one way to cure this disease: to carry out a transplant which will replace the dysfunctional bone marrow with healthy donated marrow. To the great delight of their parents, their doctors and of course the sisters themselves, Anna was able to become her sister’s donor. Read more

Sergei Gerasimov: Being a doctor is tough—but you have to help people

This summer, Gift of Life carried out a fundraising campaign for Sergei Gerasimov, a 16-year-old athlete from Samara. With the aid of donors and fundraisers, we were able to gather over £16,500 and pay for a vital operation, a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor. The operation was a success and now Sergei is recuperating at the Dmitry Rogachev Centre. Read more

Zlata Andreeva: It’s nothing compared to what I’ve already been through

Let us introduce you to young and beautiful Zlata. She was unlucky to get cancer when she was 15 y.o., but she Is one in a million lucky girl to have her mother as a donor with 100% match. The Blood Family project (Родная кровь) is all about amazing stories of cancer survivors, and here is Zlata’s story. Read more

Raul Abdulov: To my daughters, I’m ‘damudoc’: Dad, Mum and Doctor all in one package

The acute lymphoblastic leukaemia just wouldn’t go away. Elvira (Elya to her friends) went through treatment three times, had two relapses, and finally received a bone marrow transplant. Elya’s donor was her father Raul. This interview with a deeply beloved father and his hundred-percent-compatible daughter turned into a talk with the two people closest to each other. Please welcome the latest heroes of the Blood Family project, Elya and Raul Abdulov. Read more